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Summer chiling on the water.
Summer chilling on the water.

I am Mateja. I come from Slovenia, a small green spot on the sunny side of the Alps. A lot of people confuse it with some other country. Totally different. Here is a tip how to remember it easier…..it has the word love in it. Easy. But let me get back to the main topic.

Working in the poker business brought me to meet my “one and only”. So I moved to Hamburg. From a little country to a big city. A big great change in my life. Simply loving it.

I have always loved to cook. When little I used to help my mother around the kitchen all the time. When I became bigger it seemed that two generations in the same kitchen could be a little challenging. But we….I survived and I have learned a lot. Today I know how to move in the kitchen.

I love food. The kitchen is my other home may I say. My boyfriend and I we both love food and trying out new recipes. The ideas for recipes come from magazines, cooking shows, old home recipes and from the daily inspiration. I also write down every dish that I prepare ( maybe one day it will be a book).

You all know that saying “one way to a man`s heart is also through his stomach”, right? Well, I completely agree with that. He loves “the cook”.

I decided to start this blog because I would like to share my food ideas. I am aware that there are million of food blogs out there, but I would still like to show my passion for cooking and my passion for food. Hopefully at least some of you will get inspired and who knows, maybe new cooks will be born or someone will visit Slovenia or Hamburg.


Here you can check out my guest post (Slovenian national dish -Obara) for WillFlyForFood  – exploring the World through food.





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