Green dish

Green salad bowl.

What about a nice green salad bowl? And by green, I mean green. Just to get a little body “detox” before all the festivities in December, the month of sweets and big Christmas dinners. This recipe is easy to follow. And the great thing about it is that you need to look mostly for green vegetables when you go shopping. You can buy anything that you like in any shade

Spicy cauliflower salad

I like being creative and inventing new salad combinations. But there are so many possibilities that sometimes I just can’t think what to do. So some months ago I bought Nigella Lawson’s cookbook called Simply Nigella – Feel Good Food. And I found a great salad recipe with cauliflower, chickpeas and pomegranate; beautifully brought together with some spiciness and sweetness. I also made some changes as I didn’t have everything

Creamy pumpkin salad dressing

Pumpkin season started. The shops are full of different kinds of pumpkins. Therefore, you will be seeing a lot of pumpkin recipes in the next month. Pumpkins are fruits with a slightly sweet aroma, but you can easily use them in any recipe you like. I bought again the Hokkaido pumpkin. And as a start, I made an amazing creamy pumpkin salad dressing. This is an easy recipe that will

Soul warming mushroom soup

I needed a bowl of comfort and as a result, this soul warming mushroom soup was created. Did you know that the chicken soup is not the only one good for your belly? No? Well, now you will. This delicious flavour combination of saesongi mushrooms, ginger, beans and cilantro will warm not only your soul but also your belly. I wanted something that gives an earthy flavour so I chose

Watermelon chicken salad with chicken.

The sunny days are not over yet and you can still find watermelons at the groceries. Therefore I took the chance to write this recipe. I never get tired of salads, especially if they have some ingredients which you wouldn’t normally put in. Watermelon will be the “special” ingredient of this salad recipe, however not the only interesting one. For this watermelon chicken salad, I also chose the crunchy celery,