Pasta and rice

Purple rice 1

Hi people. I found my new favourite rice recipe. Yes, rice. The beautiful thing is, that there is more than just white rice. This recipe is about the purple rice, which has basically a black colour, but it turns into deep purple when cooked. The bran doesn’t give only the purple colour but also the nutty flavour. This dish is healthy, visually amazing and vegan. The purple rice contains a

Pasta "la lingua della suocera"

A couple of weeks ago I found this amazing pasta “la lingua della suocera” Zebra and now I have to share this recipe with you. In Germany, you can buy the pasta at a shop called “TK Maxx” which usually sells lots of clothes. But they also have a small section of food. Already the name of the pasta is very special; in English, it would be called “mother in

Winter lasagna.

Raise your hands, who wants a piece of delicious winter lasagna right now? I bet you all raised the hand. Hehehe. I did it too. I remember, when I was still a teen, I loved lasagna. The lasagna my mother always made, was amazing; very rich like the real one. Living on the border to Italy, the Italian cuisine had a big influence on us. Lasagna origins from the Emilia

Pumpkin risotto

October is the month of pumpkins. Have I told you how versatile pumpkins are? You can use them for anything. They are good for cooking, baking, soups, cakes, dips and even smoothies. They are also great to make a salad dressing. Anyway, in this recipe, I will show you how to make a pumpkin risotto. I still had some Hokkaido pumpkin left from the day before. With adding some rice

Conchiglie aglio, olio, peperoncino

It’s time for another pasta recipe! Do you know conchiglie? That’s the pasta with a seashell shape. Conchiglie are firm and they also keep their shape through the cooking process. By the way, each pasta shape goes with certain pasta sauce. The seashell shape is perfect for all the sauces, especially for the tomato sauce and meat sauce. They are also great at catching a thick sauce. However, I made