Spoon dish

Chickpea chicken

This chickpea chicken is an easy, quick, delicious and healthy dish. It’s a one-pot dish with some cilantro enhancing flavours. I love dishes like this, where you can basically taste all the flavours with one single bite. Chickpeas are very versatile. You can use them in many different ways (for hummus, soup, mash, side dish, toppings, dressings, salads) and they go great together with everything. They are kind of creamy

Sweetcorn potato soup

I like to cook, spending the time in the kitchen, thinking about food and talking about food. Consequently, I have different cookbooks on the shelf. In one of them, to be exact in Gordon Ramsay’s book, I found this great sweetcorn potato soup recipe. As he likes to say, this recipe is easy and delicious. This soup will warm you up on a cold evening. And for this amazing sweetcorn

Potato pear soup

Potato soup is like a classic. Wouldn’t you say so? I like to make potato soup often. But at the same time, I always try to improve the taste by adding an ingredient that would make a difference. This time I added a sweet pear. This potato pear soup is a great combination of something earthy and something fruity. In addition, I also used some bacon for the crunch and

Chili con pumpkin

The winter didn’t even knock on the door but it feels already pretty cold. Days like these, are the perfect occasion for a warming one-pot dish. This chili con pumpkin recipe, as I call it, is a great variation of the traditional chili. Especially in the autumn months when the pumpkins reach their peak. The addition of the pumpkin makes it sweet, creamy and amazingly colourful.

Pumpkin noodle soup

I am really proud of my next recipe. It turned out amazing. Great taste and beautiful looks; a food poetry. Since I tried to make different dishes using a pumpkin, I also made a soup. But this is not just a normal pumpkin soup. It is a lot more than a traditional soup. You have to make this pumpkin noodle soup so that you will believe me how amazing it