Sweet bites

Puff pastry hearts

Are you looking for a romantic and cute dessert? Puff pastry hearts are the perfect dessert for a romantic occasion. They are great for Valentine’s day or any other special day. Everyone needs a small sweet happy moment, right? You don’t need to search for something big, fancy and difficult to make. More important is that it comes from the heart. And when you get a sweet heart made from

Avocado lime tart

For the last recipe of this year, I decided to go for the avocado lime tart. You are going to be nicely surprised by its taste. With this recipe, you will discover a new, sweet side of avocado and you are going to love it. The other surprise is, that there is no baking involved. In fact, you “bake” it in the freezer. And I can guarantee you, that this

Banana tarte Tatin

Have you ever made a banana tarte Tatin? To tell you the truth, I have never even heard of it before. Until I discovered this recipe in one of Gordon Ramsay’s books. Don’t let the French name scare you. This is one of the most simple desserts I’ve ever made. In short, tarte Tatin is a French upside-down pastry. Usually filled with apples caramelised in sugar and butter. Sounds delicious!

Oreo spider cupcakes

Happy Halloween! Finally this night has arrived! And like every year, the shops and media are “motivating” us with millions of different items. Apart from all the pumpkins, bats, witches, costumes and bloody knives, there are of course also different snacks. Today I will show you how to make Oreo spider cupcakes. They are perfect for Halloween and a great treat for a party. So follow this recipe to make

Carrot pineapple cake

If you love carrot cake, then you have to try this carrot pineapple cake. It is moist, sweet, delicious; simply amazing. The recipe asks for some preparation time, but nothing too difficult. The usual kitchen work; cutting, peeling, washing, mixing and chopping. I’ve seen this recipe in a magazine, I kept it on the shelf for quite some time and then I decided to make it when my boyfriend’s parents