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Frittata with red Chinese cabbage salad

How many times have you made a frittata? Hmmm. I can’t count the times I’ve made it. Every time there are some eggs and some vegetables left, it’s a great occasion for a frittata. In this recipe, I am going to show you how to bring a colourful and delicious dish to the table. The frittata, as well as the salad, include some amazing vivacious vegetables, which are also rich

Green salad bowl.

What about a nice green salad bowl? And by green, I mean green. Just to get a little body “detox” before all the festivities in December, the month of sweets and big Christmas dinners. This recipe is easy to follow. And the great thing about it is that you need to look mostly for green vegetables when you go shopping. You can buy anything that you like in any shade

Peachy pork

In some of the previous recipes, I said that pork goes great with fruits. This time I combined it with peach. That’s something you normally wouldn’t think of. Pork with peach? Hmm, that’s new. I made it, tasted it and I loved it. Try this “Peachy pork” recipe and you will discover a new way how to use peaches or nectarines. Pork, sweet peaches, onion, ginger, honey and spring onion

sausage-egg hearts

This Vienna-sausage and egg recipe is fun for everyone. I found it in a book with creative food ideas; mostly ideas how to make your children eat a certain food. The German title is called “Fun food – kreative Ideen aus der Küche.” This recipe is really fun, creative and easy. It’s also perfect for a romantic dinner with your love or as a recipe on the Valentine’s Day. You

Green banana smoothie

I would like to share with you another healthy and easy recipe. Using only raw fruits, veggies and some liquids, you can make an amazing thick smoothie drink. I like to experiment by mixing different fruits and veggies, to get unexpected flavours. Another thing I like to do is using great toppings; this would be an upgrade of the “normal” smoothie. Smoothie bowls like this one are great for breakfast,