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Baked apples

Baked apples are one of the greatest winter desserts. Don’t you agree? It’s perfect to make around Christmas time. Because there’s something magic in the baked apples; the sweet and cinnamon aroma simply makes you happy and peaceful. So they are a great ending to an amazing Christmas evening. I remember my grandmother used to make baked apples quite often during winter time. Maybe that’s why I like them so

BBQ Alaska's salmon fillet

This BBQ Alaska’s salmon fillet looks like the perfect dish for a Christmas lunch or dinner. It is easy and light, with an addition of beautiful colours. But salmon is pink or orange, you will say. Even though it’s salmon, this one doesn’t have a pink-orange colour. It is said that some of them can’t produce the pigments. However, you can use any fish fillet you prefer. There are not

Christmas cookies

Are you still looking for a great Christmas cookies recipe? Look no further. Here I will show you two recipes for two completely different but amazing cookies. The first recipe is for low carb banana cookies and the second for black & white pinwheel cookies. There should be cookies on every Christmas table and of course, you have to prepare some also for Santa Claus. The recipes for these Christmas

Avocado prickly pear Christmas snack

December is here and with it comes the Christmas time. And what we all do a couple of weeks before Christmas? We frenetically run from shop to shop in search for the perfect Christmas presents. We all deserve a break from all this running. A little break and a little treat will bring us calm and closer to Christmas. The snack is really simple. It is not the ingredient that

Strawberry-nectarine smoothie bowl

It’s been quite some time since I last wrote a smoothie recipe. Well, more than a recipe, it’s an idea what to put together in a blender and what to use as toppings. If you like fruits, you will love this strawberry-nectarine smoothie bowl. As you can see, already the name says it all; a lot of strawberries and nectarines. In addition, I also used some fresh ginger, to give