olive oil

Veggies meet strawberries

Are you thinking which fruits and which vegetables can be mixed together? There is no wrong combination. Just follow your fantasy. Your taste buds will be your guide. Combine by sweetness, crunchiness, colours. Try to mix fruits and vegetables and you will be nicely surprised. I combined different vegetables and one fruit. It turned out great, tasty and beautiful.

Cherry tomatoes on a bed of lentils

Lentils are great for making a salad, perfect for soups and delicious just simply as lentils. I wanted something quick, warm and tasty. I picked the brown ones; the most common variety of lentils. They are the quickest to cook and they don’t get mushy so quickly. They have a slight earthy taste. I added some herbs and they turned out just great.

Spinach quiche with sweet potato crust.

I have made quiche before and I liked it. This time I tried to make a new variation of it. The new thing I’ve done is that this quiche is cheese and cream free and there is no need to make a pastry crust either. Boring, you think. Let me assure you that it is very delicious, tasty and colourful. Perfect on a cold, rainy or summer day. Great for

Shrimp and bacon are friends

Again one of those days when I didn’t know what to eat but at the same time I wanted to eat everything. Has something like that ever happened to you? I hope I am not the only one. However, I made up something quick and tasty. It was a turbo recipe. I took something from the sea, something from the king (talking about the meat world) and something from the

Selfmade yoghurt cheese

Isn’t cheese just something amazing? There are hundreds and hundreds of varieties. I can’t just choose one. I want to buy all of them. For Easter I made my own cheese. No more confusion which cheese to pick. Easy to make and very yummy. It requires setting over night, so better do it the evening before. All you need is a sieve, a bowl and kitchen paper towels and of