A frozen smoothie delight.

The hot weather reached also Hamburg. A cold smoothie bowl is perfect on a summer day. If you ran out of ice-cream, just follow this recipe and in 5 minutes you will have a great refreshing snack. One of the great things to do at home is to freeze pieces of different fruits. Like that you will be always prepared when in need to make a cool smoothie.

The FOOTBALL pizza

Another sports competition just started and I did a research on everything about Confederations Cup. Yes, I am talking about football or soccer if you prefer. The tournament will last for two weeks and it will be held in Russia. Back to the food now. Pizza is one of the foods that go perfectly with football. Group B is playing tonight; a match between Germany and Chile. We decided to make a

Matcha hearts with granola topping

Do you still remember the matcha doughnuts? No? No worries, just follow this recipe and everything will be great. As I said, I have made the doughnuts before, but this time I decided to use a delicious crunchy topping and changed the shape into a more “sweet-looking” one. You will love these matcha hearts with granola topping.

"Frtalja" is the new pizza.

What was once known as a special dish on a festive day, today is a Slovenian national dish. You can find it the menus of many restaurants, as a starter, main or side dish. It is neither an omelette nor a pancake, it is not a quiche and not even a pizza; it is something in between. This national dish is most known in the western part of the country;

The Tornado potato is a perfect snack.

How do you like your potatoes to be done? Fried, mashed or baked? I like all, but there is also a different and fun way to prepare them. This tornado potatoes are easy to make and they will add a nice touch to your plate. Or in this case, you can skip the plate. You can simply hold them in your hand. You will make a great impression on your