pizza recipes

Pizza Hawaii.

Let’s go to Hawaii! Did you ever want summer in winter? I did. But since that is not always possible, except when you travel to a warm and sunny place, you can make yourself feel like on a sandy beach. You can feel Hawaii for example, but still being at home. Do you see the connection to Hawaii – food? Yesss, it’s time for pizza Hawaii!

Mini spider pizzas - a great Halloween snack.

Halloween is around the corner! Are you ready for trick or treat? I would love to put on a costume, but I am not doing any trick or treat any more. However, I am going to wear a purple-black bat in my hair. Woohooo! And my Halloween treats this year will be mini spider pizzas.

Truffle pumpkin pizza.

It’s that time of the year again, Yes, it is pumpkin season! Consequently, I made my first pumpkin recipe this year. Maybe a little unusual combination, but check out this truffle pumpkin pizza with goat cheese. Fabulous!

Broccoli pancake pizza.

Did you run out of ideas about what to prepare for dinner or lunch? Check out this super-easy broccoli pancake pizza. The dish looks like a pizza (more like pizza bianca) but tastes like a pancake. Making pancakes is something we all love. And it takes no time to make them. What is the most usual thing we put on a pancake? Most of the times we use marmalade, chocolate

Pizza prosciutto rucola.

My dear readers, I have some exciting news for you. One is the pizza prosciutto rucola recipe and the other one, as you might already know, the football World Cup is almost here. For this occasion, I decided to present you a number of different recipes representing countries, which are playing at the World Cup in Russia. Before you say anything; yes, I know, Italy is not there this time.

The FOOTBALL pizza

Another sports competition just started and I did a research on everything about Confederations Cup. Yes, I am talking about football or soccer if you prefer. The tournament will last for two weeks and it will be held in Russia. Back to the food now. Pizza is one of the foods that go perfectly with football. Group B is playing tonight; a match between Germany and Chile. We decided to make a

Cauliflower crust pizza

Which dish is the most known on this planet? Pizza! The pizza-like food was already known a very long time ago, but the modern pizza was invented by Neapolitans. La pizza Napoletana is more than 200 years old. Since then many new variations were created. Sometimes I think that there are too many choices of pizza. Especially when you are really hungry and don’t know which one to choose. We