potato recipes

Sweet potato bacon cakes.

Sweet potato bacon cakes are your new favourite meal. Believe me, they are so good that you are going to serve them for any occasion. He he he. In fact, they are perfect for dinner or a weekend brunch. You can serve them either as a side dish or a meal on its own. They are your new best savoury treat!

Roasted duck breasts.

What are you making for Christmas dinner this year? Duck is one of the traditional Christmas dishes. So why not making a duck? And you don’t need the whole “bird” to make your festive table look fabulous and to impress your family and friends. Roasted duck breasts will make a great impression as well. Moreover, when served with some great side dishes will make it a dinner to remember.

Ječmenka, a thick barley soup.

Hi, dear PassionSpoon’s readers. Have you missed me? I just came back from vacation in my homeland Slovenia. Wow, what an amazing time I had! Great people, beautiful places and delicious food. And among all the presents, souvenirs and memories, I brought home some inspiration too. It’s also been a while since I wrote a recipe for a Slovenian national dish. I present you “Ječmenka”.

Caramelized potatoes.

Ice ice baby! Yes, Iceland is taking part in the football World Cup for the first time ever. After a big success in 2016, when they reached the quarterfinals of the UEFA Euro as the smallest nation ever, they qualified for the World Cup 2018 as well. The dream continuous! The whole world knows the “Viking clap”. I get goosebumps every time I hear or see it. Anyway, I went

Patatas allo pobre.

Moving further on with the FOODball journey, we have Spain playing today. My first association was paella. But then I did a little research and decided on Patatas allo pobre. Already the name itself says that this is a simple and humble dish. Translated it means “poor man’s potatoes”. Despite the name, this dish is simply delicious! There is nothing “poor” in its flavour. This is a typical Spanish dish,

Köttbullar with blueberry sauce.

Next stop of my FOODball journey; Sweden! And Sweden is not only, as many of you think, the home of Ikea and ABBA, but also the home of delicious food. The most popular and the ultimate Swedish dish is Köttbullar. So how can you prepare that? Here you will find the recipe for Köttbullar with blueberry sauce. I love dishes that have fruits as an ingredient. In this case, we


The current football World Cup Champion, Germany, is again playing in this tournament and defending the title. Let me ask you something. What do you think of when you think of Germany? What are the biggest stereotypes talking about food? Beer, potatoes, schnitzel, pretzel and sausages, right? Well, here I will talk about the Currywurst. Yes, I know, it’s fast food, but it’s also a cult. I live now in

Olivier Russian potato salad.

Here we go! The kick-off for the football World Cup 2018 is today and with that comes the first recipe of this FOODball journey. Since it takes place in Russia, I am going to show you one of the most known Russian recipes. No, it’s neither Vodka nor the blinis (I will make them some other time). It’s Olivier Russian potato salad. I’ve read it’s typical for Russians to serve

Potato soup with snow peas.

I posted quite some potato soup recipes on my blog. I think soup is something really easy and delicious to prepare. You can never go wrong with potato soup. Try this potato soup with snow peas and spice up your menu. Potatoes are very versatile, even though they are very humble. I love them and consequently, I use them quite often. I will not spend time explaining that I like

Sweet potato corn cakes

I confess I am a meat lover, but I also enjoy vegetables. Here I made this delicious vegetarian dish; sweet potato corn cakes. Simply amazing! These vegetable cakes are a combination of sweet potato, sweet corn, spicy ginger, aromatic lemon and polenta. Are you already excited as I am? Let’s get busy and prepare them! Just one more thing before you start. These cakes require 30 minutes rest in the

Sweetcorn potato soup

I like to cook, spending the time in the kitchen, thinking about food and talking about food. Consequently, I have different cookbooks on the shelf. In one of them, to be exact in Gordon Ramsay’s book, I found this great sweetcorn potato soup recipe. As he likes to say, this recipe is easy and delicious. This soup will warm you up on a cold evening. And for this amazing sweetcorn

Potato pear soup

Potato soup is like a classic. Wouldn’t you say so? I like to make potato soup often. But at the same time, I always try to improve the taste by adding an ingredient that would make a difference. This time I added a sweet pear. This potato pear soup is a great combination of something earthy and something fruity. In addition, I also used some bacon for the crunch and

Caprese chicken

I’m a Caprese salad lover. You too? I bet you are. Caprese is one of the most known salads in the world; with soft mozzarella slices, juicy tomatoes and aromatic basil. But what happens when I add some chicken to it? In this case, you get an amazing Caprese chicken featuring Italian flag colours. This recipe is really easy. You just need to put the Caprese chicken together and put