Jalapeno-bacon egg cups

Egg cups are perfect for a party, a picnic, breakfast or for a snack. You can see that there are endless possibilities. If jalapeños are your thing, this is the right chance for your tongue buds to go crazy. If you get watering eyes just thinking about jalapeños, you could use a regular bell-pepper or olives or any other vegetable. There is also a variation for fish lovers; egg cups

Spinach quiche with sweet potato crust.

I have made quiche before and I liked it. This time I tried to make a new variation of it. The new thing I’ve done is that this quiche is cheese and cream free and there is no need to make a pastry crust either. Boring, you think. Let me assure you that it is very delicious, tasty and colourful. Perfect on a cold, rainy or summer day. Great for

The Onion Cup filled with prosciutto and cheese

We all agree that onions give an extra and better taste to almost any dish. For me, the onion is a queen. Doesn’t matter which kind of onion; I like all from white, red, shallot, small to big. Therefore I decided to put it before all other ingredients in this dish. The onion as a protagonist. Give it a try and make this “onion cup” filled with bacon and cheese

Bacon wrapped avocado

Here is a quick recipe for a quick snack or a small side dish. The bacon wrapped avocado will be your favourite snack from now on. Or maybe if you have a sweet tooth, you could try the dates wrapped in bacon. This is also a great snack; in fact, I love it that much, I could make it as a dessert. But why not, just make both and decide

Risotto with prosciutto and mint

It has been quite some time since we last had rice. So today’s plan was to make risotto. Risotto is a northern Italian dish. It’s a rice dish with a creamy consistency. I like to watch cooking shows and every time someone is making risotto, they say it is a difficult dish to make. It is said that it takes a lot of time, quite some skills and it does