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Frittata with red Chinese cabbage salad

How many times have you made a frittata? Hmmm. I can’t count the times I’ve made it. Every time there are some eggs and some vegetables left, it’s a great occasion for a frittata. In this recipe, I am going to show you how to bring a colourful and delicious dish to the table. The frittata, as well as the salad, include some amazing vivacious vegetables, which are also rich

Chicken mango walnut salad

Hi guys! Try this amazing refreshing chicken mango walnut salad. This beautiful dish is filled with sweet mango, bitter and crunchy walnut, creamy dressing and some other fancy touches. The combination of all flavours makes this dish really delicious. It is an easy way to prepare a vibrant Sunday lunch or a special dinner. This chicken mango walnut salad can be made in summer or winter; it’s for any season.

sausage-egg hearts

This Vienna-sausage and egg recipe is fun for everyone. I found it in a book with creative food ideas; mostly ideas how to make your children eat a certain food. The German title is called “Fun food – kreative Ideen aus der Küche.” This recipe is really fun, creative and easy. It’s also perfect for a romantic dinner with your love or as a recipe on the Valentine’s Day. You

Sweet potato bun burger

What do you do when you are craving for a burger really badly? I like to make my own burgers, with the ingredients I like and with the styling I want. This time I made a sweet potato “bun” burger. Every time I make a burger I try to make it without a bun. If you think about it, you don’t really need a bun. It just makes you feel

Nectarines with pesto topping

Looking for a light and fruity lunch or supper? Don’t look any further. Here is the right recipe for you, bursting with the colours and flavours of summer. Most of the time we use fruits for desserts. I think they are perfect also for a light lunch or dinner. I like nectarines; yellow or white, they both have an amazing aroma. Enjoy these stone fruits in the summer time. They