recipes with avocado

Avocado lime tart

For the last recipe of this year, I decided to go for the avocado lime tart. You are going to be nicely surprised by its taste. With this recipe, you will discover a new, sweet side of avocado and you are going to love it. The other surprise is, that there is no baking involved. In fact, you “bake” it in the freezer. And I can guarantee you, that this

Avocado prickly pear Christmas snack

December is here and with it comes the Christmas time. And what we all do a couple of weeks before Christmas? We frenetically run from shop to shop in search for the perfect Christmas presents. We all deserve a break from all this running. A little break and a little treat will bring us calm and closer to Christmas. The snack is really simple. It is not the ingredient that

Spicy cauliflower salad

I like being creative and inventing new salad combinations. But there are so many possibilities that sometimes I just can’t think what to do. So some months ago I bought Nigella Lawson’s cookbook called Simply Nigella – Feel Good Food. And I found a great salad recipe with cauliflower, chickpeas and pomegranate; beautifully brought together with some spiciness and sweetness. I also made some changes as I didn’t have everything

Avocado tuna sandwich

This avocado tuna sandwich is a perfect idea for dinner or a late afternoon snack. Use avocado instead of mayo, add some cilantro and put everything in between two slices of bread. The great sandwich is done! I adore avocado; this green and creamy fruit in a shape of a tear. I like to use it in salads, with meat, in smoothies or in a dip. More than ¾ of

Green banana smoothie

I would like to share with you another healthy and easy recipe. Using only raw fruits, veggies and some liquids, you can make an amazing thick smoothie drink. I like to experiment by mixing different fruits and veggies, to get unexpected flavours. Another thing I like to do is using great toppings; this would be an upgrade of the “normal” smoothie. Smoothie bowls like this one are great for breakfast,