recipes with chicken

Chicken mango walnut salad

Hi guys! Try this amazing refreshing chicken mango walnut salad. This beautiful dish is filled with sweet mango, bitter and crunchy walnut, creamy dressing and some other fancy touches. The combination of all flavours makes this dish really delicious. It is an easy way to prepare a vibrant Sunday lunch or a special dinner. This chicken mango walnut salad can be made in summer or winter; it’s for any season.

Chickpea chicken

This chickpea chicken is an easy, quick, delicious and healthy dish. It’s a one-pot dish with some cilantro enhancing flavours. I love dishes like this, where you can basically taste all the flavours with one single bite. Chickpeas are very versatile. You can use them in many different ways (for hummus, soup, mash, side dish, toppings, dressings, salads) and they go great together with everything. They are kind of creamy

Watermelon chicken salad with chicken.

The sunny days are not over yet and you can still find watermelons at the groceries. Therefore I took the chance to write this recipe. I never get tired of salads, especially if they have some ingredients which you wouldn’t normally put in. Watermelon will be the “special” ingredient of this salad recipe, however not the only interesting one. For this watermelon chicken salad, I also chose the crunchy celery,

Lemon-honey chicken

Here is a recipe, where looking at the photo it does not say much. But when it is physically in front of you, you might change your opinion. The ingredients are not many, but there is ginger in it to give it a nice kick. This “Lemon-honey chicken” dish is perfect for a summer lunch or dinner. It is also great if you’re counting the calories of each meal that

The coconut curry chicken

This “Coconut curry chicken” dish needs a little bit of preparation ahead of time; either the evening before or in the morning of the same day. But believe me – it is worth the wait. You can adjust the amounts of the ingredients based on how much you like the spiciness and the sweetness. You can double the ingredients or even completely leave them out. When using chili, you can