Crunchy chicory, creamy guacamole and salty salmon. perfect combination.

Some time ago I prepared a snack that I liked a lot. I liked the bitterness of chicory and the fact how you can combine it with different ingredients to get a tasty snack. This time I combined it with some home-made guacamole. Chicory leaves are in a shape of a boat; perfect to be filled with dips, salsas, fruits and other things. If you prefer a more fruity version,

Veggies meet strawberries

Are you thinking which fruits and which vegetables can be mixed together? There is no wrong combination. Just follow your fantasy. Your taste buds will be your guide. Combine by sweetness, crunchiness, colours. Try to mix fruits and vegetables and you will be nicely surprised. I combined different vegetables and one fruit. It turned out great, tasty and beautiful.

Shrimp and bacon are friends

Again one of those days when I didn’t know what to eat but at the same time I wanted to eat everything. Has something like that ever happened to you? I hope I am not the only one. However, I made up something quick and tasty. It was a turbo recipe. I took something from the sea, something from the king (talking about the meat world) and something from the

Roasted potato on a bed of rocket topped with chorizo

Today I would like to show you a recipe with one of my favourite ingredients. The chorizo sausage. Every time I see chorizo in a recipe I think “this must be yummy!” With chorizo everything tastes better. The Spanish variation is made with smoked pork and with dried smoked red peppers. This is what gives an extra flavour to the dish.

Fruity chicory-salmon snacks

The spring came around. Finally, the sun is slowly waking up nature and people. So let’s bring some colours and flavours also on the table and wake up our taste buds. This recipe is simple and refreshing. You will experience an explosion of different flavours and textures in your mouth. The earthy warm flavour of the button mushroom, the crunchy chicory, the fruity grapefruit and the smooth salmon. Try these