Roustic soup with Chorizo.

This rustic soup will satisfy and comfort the hungry soul in you. The aroma of the combination of veggies and meat will take you on a journey to the countryside. Learn this hearty, economic and easy recipe to cook for your family and friends. The recipe doesn’t call for meat. You can easily make it without it. But I must tell you, that Chorizo gives an amazing touch to the

A frozen smoothie delight.

The hot weather reached also Hamburg. A cold smoothie bowl is perfect on a summer day. If you ran out of ice-cream, just follow this recipe and in 5 minutes you will have a great refreshing snack. One of the great things to do at home is to freeze pieces of different fruits. Like that you will be always prepared when in need to make a cool smoothie.

Purple potato soup

When I think about soup, I think of a soul-warming bowl of liquid greatness. The soup itself is not only a starter but can also be a main dish. It has to taste amazing, look fantastic and it has to make your tummy happy. Soup recipes shouldn’t be put in a dark corner. There are endless varieties of soups that you can make. Try out this recipe and you will

Choco-peanut smoothie

Here comes another smoothie energy bomb. New day, new smoothie. This time I didn’t use so many fruits as you will see. I can’t decide which is the main ingredient. They are all yummy and fit perfectly together. Ok, I will reveal them; the only fruit is a banana, which goes great with almonds, peanuts and cacao. Try this choco-peanut smoothie.

Pink raspberry smoothie

Here is a delicious way how to use frozen berries and fresh raspberries. Raspberries are really popular summer fruits. They have a great aroma and a sweet-sour taste. Raspberries are the best fruit you can find and eat in summer. Pop one in your mouth and you will be amazed. I always put some extra strawberries, blackberries and raspberries to freeze. Like that, I can use them any day of