Purple rice 1

Hi people. I found my new favourite rice recipe. Yes, rice. The beautiful thing is, that there is more than just white rice. This recipe is about the purple rice, which has basically a black colour, but it turns into deep purple when cooked. The bran doesn’t give only the purple colour but also the nutty flavour. This dish is healthy, visually amazing and vegan. The purple rice contains a

Nectarines with pesto topping

Looking for a light and fruity lunch or supper? Don’t look any further. Here is the right recipe for you, bursting with the colours and flavours of summer. Most of the time we use fruits for desserts. I think they are perfect also for a light lunch or dinner. I like nectarines; yellow or white, they both have an amazing aroma. Enjoy these stone fruits in the summer time. They

Crunchy chicory, creamy guacamole and salty salmon. perfect combination.

Some time ago I prepared a snack that I liked a lot. I liked the bitterness of chicory and the fact how you can combine it with different ingredients to get a tasty snack. This time I combined it with some home-made guacamole. Chicory leaves are in a shape of a boat; perfect to be filled with dips, salsas, fruits and other things. If you prefer a more fruity version,

Veggies meet strawberries

Are you thinking which fruits and which vegetables can be mixed together? There is no wrong combination. Just follow your fantasy. Your taste buds will be your guide. Combine by sweetness, crunchiness, colours. Try to mix fruits and vegetables and you will be nicely surprised. I combined different vegetables and one fruit. It turned out great, tasty and beautiful.

The FOOTBALL pizza

Another sports competition just started and I did a research on everything about Confederations Cup. Yes, I am talking about football or soccer if you prefer. The tournament will last for two weeks and it will be held in Russia. Back to the food now. Pizza is one of the foods that go perfectly with football. Group B is playing tonight; a match between Germany and Chile. We decided to make a