meat recipes

Banana-turmeric chicken.

The banana-turmeric chicken just became a new sensation in my kitchen. This is a lovely and quick dish, which is rich in flavour and texture. All you need is a couple of simple ingredients and there you have a lovely bowl of comfort food, a delicious and special meal for lunch or supper.

Cabbage rolls; low-carb meal.

Cabbage is a winter trend. It is the superhero of the winter! Everywhere I go, there is cabbage looking at me. Among red and green cabbage, kale and Brussels sprouts there is also Savoy cabbage. There are many ways how you can use cabbage all winter long. So this is the moment for cabbage rolls.

Delicious seven spice chicken.

One thing is for sure, I will never run out of chicken recipes. This time I made a delicious seven spice chicken. Yes, you’ve heard right. There are seven spices making this dish so amazing and rich in flavour.

Sautéed bell peppers with cilantro rice.

Sautéed bell peppers with cilantro rice is a delicious meal. In fact, it’s quick to make and a great way how to get some vitamins. Bell peppers are rich in beta-carotene and vitamin C. You will also notice that this humble dish is full of flavours and textures. It’s like an amusement park in your mouth. Hehehe.

Green curry chicken livers.

Green curry chicken livers is a combination of one of my childhood dishes and a flavourful Asian curry. Now, before you say “yuck” to the liver, give it a chance and keep reading. You will be surprised how fabulous it tastes.

Spinach cream cheese roll.

Happy New Year! Were your party snacks successful? And what to make the day after? Spinach cream cheese roll is the ultimate left-over snack. Yes, you heard me. It is made out of what is left from all of the festivity days. I think it looks fabulous! Not only does it look beautiful but it tastes amazing as well. Spinach, cream cheese, salmon, ham are all delicious ingredients, which make

Bacon wrapped prunes - a great NYE's snack.

Do you remember one of my favourite snacks? I made bacon wrapped dates and bacon wrapped avocado. They were both candylicious. Is that a word? Well, you get my point. Now, it is time for bacon wrapped prunes! Oh boy, what a treat!

Sausage pastry bites.

Christmas is behind us, but the holidays are still here. And the next one around the corner is New Year’s Eve. Someone would say, it is the longest night of the year. Are you ready for it? Do you have all your snacks prepared? Just in case, I will show you how to make a great party snack; sausage pastry bites to be exact.

Roasted duck breasts.

What are you making for Christmas dinner this year? Duck is one of the traditional Christmas dishes. So why not making a duck? And you don’t need the whole “bird” to make your festive table look fabulous and to impress your family and friends. Roasted duck breasts will make a great impression as well. Moreover, when served with some great side dishes will make it a dinner to remember.

Beef aubergine goulash.

Treat your family and friends on a chilling day with this hearty beef aubergine goulash. It is so delicious, it will knock your socks off. You will taste the most tender meat ever. I mean it. Ever! Hehehe.

Beef-date meatballs.

If you are looking for a delicious variation of classic meatballs, then you are in the right spot. Yes, this is the recipe for a quick, homemade, comforting dish. I’m talking about beef-date meatballs.

Ribeye steak.

Like always, I went shopping groceries. I love to shop for food, rather than clothes. Hehehe. However, I didn’t have an idea what I would be eating that day. Yeah, sometimes I get inspired only when I see it. So, I was wandering around the shelves of fresh vegetables and fruits, pasta and cheese. And then I saw it; the ribeye steak!

Segedin goulash with polenta.

I love polenta! This golden, corn flavoured, creamy deliciousness! Last time I made a typical Slovenian dish; Segedin goulash with polenta. And, like always, I made some changes on my own. Hehehe. It’s incredible how easy it is to make such a flavourful dish with such simple ingredients.

Pumpkin bun chicken burger.

Pumpkin season is the right time to bring back the pumpkin buns recipe. These buns are a delicious and great alternative to the “normal”, everyday bun. They are perfect for a wonderful pumpkin bun chicken burger.