Tuna fritters and juicy tomato salsa

Again, I was trying to make a great recipe with canned tuna. The last one that I’ve made, tuna ceviche, was just amazing. This time I came up with tuna fritters and juicy tomato salsa. A totally different way of eating canned tuna. It is super easy and it only takes 15 minutes to make. So, let’s start making this yummy meal. The tuna fritters are great also as a snack.

BBQ Alaska's salmon fillet

This BBQ Alaska’s salmon fillet looks like the perfect dish for a Christmas lunch or dinner. It is easy and light, with an addition of beautiful colours. But salmon is pink or orange, you will say. Even though it’s salmon, this one doesn’t have a pink-orange colour. It is said that some of them can’t produce the pigments. However, you can use any fish fillet you prefer. There are not

Canned tuna ceviche

What is ceviche? It is a simple raw fish or seafood based dish marinated in citrus juices and spiced up with chili peppers. An amazing fresh dish where no cooking or cooking skills are involved. Ceviche has to be eaten cold. Basically you “cook” it in the fridge. There is no need to buy a tuna steak to make a tuna ceviche. You can create an amazing variation using an

Avocado tuna sandwich

This avocado tuna sandwich is a perfect idea for dinner or a late afternoon snack. Use avocado instead of mayo, add some cilantro and put everything in between two slices of bread. The great sandwich is done! I adore avocado; this green and creamy fruit in a shape of a tear. I like to use it in salads, with meat, in smoothies or in a dip. More than ¾ of

Fruity chicory-salmon snacks

The spring came around. Finally, the sun is slowly waking up nature and people. So let’s bring some colours and flavours also on the table and wake up our taste buds. This recipe is simple and refreshing. You will experience an explosion of different flavours and textures in your mouth. The earthy warm flavour of the button mushroom, the crunchy chicory, the fruity grapefruit and the smooth salmon. Try these