Egg coconut omelette stuffed with chorizo, onions, garlic and baby spinach, topped with fresh cherry tomatoes and some spring onion.

It is breakfast time! Yoghurt, smoothie, cereals, fresh fruits, sausages, prosciutto, bread, butter, marmalade, honey or eggs are just a few breakfast options. Which one is your favourite? I admit I keep changing my preferences from month to month. However, eggs stay one of my favourites. This time I made a lovely chorizo spinach omelette.

Two white plates full of nectarine bacon salad; with Romain lettuce, almonds, onion, cucumber. Blue background.

There are days when all you want is a salad. Only a great salad can satisfy your hunger. A salad is always a great, quick and healthy either lunch or supper option. Nectarine bacon salad is more than just great, it’s amazing! In fact, it’s a wonderful combination for a summer salad.

Chicken curry in all of its golden beauty, with some turmeric quinoa on a side, topped with fresh cilantro. Ginger and yoghurt in the background.

This is my first South African recipe. Cape chicken curry will spice up your everyday chicken dish. You will simply love it! It’s packed with lots of spices and flavours. Topped with yoghurt and fresh cilantro and with turmeric quinoa as a side dish, this is one of the best curry dishes you’ve ever tried.

Red pesto tart with a healthy cauliflower crust, topped with ricotta an sprinkled with some fresh rosemary.

Cauliflower crust red pesto tart is one of the easiest healthy tarts that you can make. This savoury tart is perfect for lunch or supper and why not, it’s a great idea for breakfast as well. A combination of cauliflower, rosemary, homemade red pesto and ricotta is just delicious. To create it, you’ll need only 30 minutes. Stop waiting, go for it!

A bowl of warm avocado and yoghurt soup topped with fresh cilantro leaves, walnuts and chili. Some cilantro stems in the background.

Avocado yoghurt soup is a treat for all avocado lovers. It’s incredibly creamy and velvety, healthy and tasty. Moreover, you have a cold and a warm option and it is ready in less than 15 minutes. Therefore, it is perfect for a quick lunch, supper or for a snack in between.

Lovely purple radicchio topped with sizzling vinegar bacon and beans. Homemade garlic Naan bread and yoghurt dip in the background.

Finally, one of my favourite salad dishes! I am talking about radicchio salad. This radicchio salad is simple and a poor man’s dish, yet delicious and rich in flavours. If you are looking either for a lovely appetizer, lunch or brunch, this is a wonderful idea.

Spinach and artichokes chicken thighs in a ceramic baking dish. Carrots and fresh spinach on a side for deco.

This spinach and artichokes chicken thighs dish is definitely going to reach the list of your top chicken recipes. These amazing oven baked chicken thighs make a delicious and rich in flavour complete meal. In addition, this dish is also paleo, which makes it a perfect choice when trying to have some light meals on the weekly menu.

Sweet potato wedges on a blue plate, ground beef with peas next to it, with the addition of kiwi slices and pomegranate seeds. Tomatoes in the background.

Do you love meat and potatoes but at the same time you want something new? Then try this lovely sweet potato beef bowl. It gives a big twist to traditional beef and potatoes. A combination of vegetables and fruits makes this a great dish, full of textures and flavours, which will satisfy also the most hesitant food lovers.

Hummus dip on a smaller square plate, decorated with a octopus made out of bell pepper.

How much do you love hummus? Have you ever made it yourself? Learn how to make the best hummus and you’ll never have to buy it again in a shop. This homemade hummus is creamy and rich in flavour. It is so delicious, I could eat it directly with a spoon.

Whole baked rainbowl trout stuffed with bacon. Caramelised orange slices laying on top of it. Fresh herbs sprinkled over. Herb salsa on a side.

It’s been quite some time since my last fish recipe, where I made a trout with herb salsa. But why prepare only a simple fish, when you can make a bacon stuffed rainbow trout? Yes, bacon and fish together. In fact, this trout is filled with bacon. Oh boy, I am smiling only by thinking about it.

Soft baked cheesecake in a form of a bundt cake, sprinkled with icing sugar. Raspberries and blueberries and lemon-mint next to it.

Hello, cheesecake lovers! Are you ready to bring your cheesecake recipe to another level? I will only say this: Light as air, fluffy, soufflé texture, moist and rich creamy taste. Do I have your attention? Those are the features of the Japanese cotton cheesecake.

Two white "bowls with sweet potato leek salad, topped with crispy bacon and cilantro-lime dressing. Cilantro in the background and a nice kitchen towel with lemon design. "

There’s nothing better than a nice bowl of comfort food. I believe we all love comfort food, no matter what we choose. My list of comfort food is quite long and this sweet potato leek salad is definitely on it. This simple salad recipe, with its colours, creaminess and a little hint of sour and sweet, will bring some sunshine to your table.

Two turkey fillets covered with mango chutney and sprinkled with crispy garlic. Green peas with onion in a bowl nex to it. Grapefruit in the background.

Mango chutney turkey is an exciting version of a plain and everyday turkey. Turkey meat is known to be one of the leanest meats. Consequently, it tends to be a bit dry. This mango chutney is a great idea, how to “fix” the problem of the dry meat. A lovely fruity and sweet chutney will wake up your taste buds.

Golden brown baked almond crust pickles, with aioli dip on a side. Fresh cilantro and almonds in the background.

Who wants a pickle? I love pickles, pickled cucumbers, cornichons, gherkins, you name it. I am talking about the sour and salty pickles. They are just great. They have almost no calories (maybe 1 calorie per pickle), they are crunchy, of all sizes and with different aromas and herbs. And then you have crunchy coconut pickles! What?! Yes, they are THE thing!