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Hard-boiled eggs cut and refilled with egg yolk mixture, styled in a form of a chick. Each chick deviled egg is standing on a small spinach tartelettes. Small deco chicks and small eggs in the background.

Easter chick deviled eggs are the cutest eggs recipe that you could make for the Easter Holidays. They are still eggs, but with a creative twist. These deviled eggs look fabulous and I guarantee you people will talk about it for a long time (just like with the carrot croissants, which I posted a couple of days ago).

Orange gold and puffy croissants in a form of carrots filled with egg salad and garnished with parsley sprigs.

Happy Easter, everyone! Again, I was searching for an idea, what to make for Easter. What to serve for Easter Holidays? And since it’s all about eggs, chickens and rabbits, I made these cute Easter carrot croissants. Aren’t they amazing? Easter is going to be so much more special with these adorable carrot croissants.

Chocolate ganache beer cupcakes.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I have a perfect treat for you. What better day to make chocolate ganache beer cupcakes than St. Patrick’s Day?! Yes, a beer cupcake! Believe me, as much as it might sound like a party snack, it is very decadent and elegant as well.

Sausage pastry bites.

Christmas is behind us, but the holidays are still here. And the next one around the corner is New Year’s Eve. Someone would say, it is the longest night of the year. Are you ready for it? Do you have all your snacks prepared? Just in case, I will show you how to make a great party snack; sausage pastry bites to be exact.

Celery marroni tarte.

Despite the cold weather, Christmas markets are packed with people. I love Christmas markets. The aromas in the air are just amazing; especially hot wine and roasted chestnuts. Delicious! And those roasted chestnuts inspired me to make a celery marroni tarte. Marroni are the bigger sized chestnuts.

Carrot tarte.

My dear food lovers, I made a colourful savoury tarte for you instead of a sweet one. It turned out unbelievably beautiful. Don’t you think this carrot tarte looks just fabulous? And believe me, it tastes just the same as it looks. Awesome!

Pear tarte Tatin.

Pear tarte Tatin brings together warm pears loaded with butter and cinnamon in a shortcrust pastry. This dessert is just amazing! Tarte Tatin is the famous upside-down caramelized tart. Traditionally it is filled with apples, but adding other fruits makes it as delicious as the original one. Like you can see, I used sweet pears and I made shortcrust pastry from scratch instead of using puff pastry dough.

Lemon curd strawberry Danish.

Summer is the time when you can enjoy fresh fruits and so it’s just perfect for a lemon curd strawberry Danish. Three layers to discover bite after bite; a delicious lemon curd between buttery puff pastry and sweet strawberries. This beautiful piece of food art is great for any occasion and you can use any fruits of your choice.

Asparagus leek quiche

The asparagus season is getting close to the end. Consequently, I had to prepare another delicious dish and enjoy these amazing green vegetables. This time I present you an asparagus leek quiche – perfect for lunch, supper or picnic. You won’t be hungry or disappointed. Your tummy will be happy. You can make the dough yourself or simply buy one at the local store. I bought it too. It’s perfect

Spinach pineapple braid

I love creating great recipes with puff pastry. This spinach pineapple braid is filled with fresh spinach leaves, sweet pineapple and tasty bacon. You just have to love this combo! Yummy! It is easy as pie to work with puff pastry; especially if you buy it already made. Thanks to its versatility, you can make from sweet, salty or veggie to fruity puff pastry creations. This recipe is really easy

Honey ham with egg filo cups.

We are just one more step away from Easter and what better occasion than this one to make a honey ham with egg filo cups. You can be sure to make a big impression on your family and friends with serving the honey Easter ham with orange-wine sauce and the amazing crunchy filo cups filled with pesto and egg. Next to all of this beauty comes a delicious “vegetable garden”

Savoury cabbage tart

Cabbage is a great source of vitamin C. Did you know that? Most people associate oranges and lemons with the vitamin C. But no, also cabbage belongs to that group. I didn’t just use cabbage, but I used three different types of cabbage; the white, the red and the Savoy. It was my first time making a savoury cabbage tart and it turned out great.

Marshmallow muffins

Easter is around the corner and the magazines are full of delicious recipes. I’ve noticed many cute and fun muffin recipes, so I decided to try making them myself. I decided for the marshmallow muffins. They are unbelievably cute and delicious. The marshmallow muffins are not filled with marshmallows, here they are used as the topping. Imagine these muffins covered with cream cheese, mini marshmallows and a little touch of

Puff pastry hearts

Are you looking for a romantic and cute dessert? Puff pastry hearts are the perfect dessert for a romantic occasion. They are great for Valentine’s day or any other special day. Everyone needs a small sweet happy moment, right? You don’t need to search for something big, fancy and difficult to make. More important is that it comes from the heart. And when you get a sweet heart made from