Green banana smoothie

I would like to share with you another healthy and easy recipe. Using only raw fruits, veggies and some liquids, you can make an amazing thick smoothie drink. I like to experiment by mixing different fruits and veggies, to get unexpected flavours. Another thing I like to do is using great toppings; this would be an upgrade of the “normal” smoothie. Smoothie bowls like this one are great for breakfast,

Roustic soup with Chorizo.

This rustic soup will satisfy and comfort the hungry soul in you. The aroma of the combination of veggies and meat will take you on a journey to the countryside. Learn this hearty, economic and easy recipe to cook for your family and friends. The recipe doesn’t call for meat. You can easily make it without it. But I must tell you, that Chorizo gives an amazing touch to the

Jalapeno-bacon egg cups

Egg cups are perfect for a party, a picnic, breakfast or for a snack. You can see that there are endless possibilities. If jalapeños are your thing, this is the right chance for your tongue buds to go crazy. If you get watering eyes just thinking about jalapeños, you could use a regular bell-pepper or olives or any other vegetable. There is also a variation for fish lovers; egg cups

Crunchy chicory, creamy guacamole and salty salmon. perfect combination.

Some time ago I prepared a snack that I liked a lot. I liked the bitterness of chicory and the fact how you can combine it with different ingredients to get a tasty snack. This time I combined it with some home-made guacamole. Chicory leaves are in a shape of a boat; perfect to be filled with dips, salsas, fruits and other things. If you prefer a more fruity version,

A frozen smoothie delight.

The hot weather reached also Hamburg. A cold smoothie bowl is perfect on a summer day. If you ran out of ice-cream, just follow this recipe and in 5 minutes you will have a great refreshing snack. One of the great things to do at home is to freeze pieces of different fruits. Like that you will be always prepared when in need to make a cool smoothie.