pasta and rice recipes

Sautéed bell peppers with cilantro rice.

Sautéed bell peppers with cilantro rice is a delicious meal. In fact, it’s quick to make and a great way how to get some vitamins. Bell peppers are rich in beta-carotene and vitamin C. You will also notice that this humble dish is full of flavours and textures. It’s like an amusement park in your mouth. Hehehe.

Autumn leaves pasta.

Hello pasta lovers! Autumn leaves pasta or foglie d’autunno (in Italian) is a fantastic autumn (as assumed from the name) and winter dish. I love pasta and this pasta is amazing. With its shape and colours, it really resembles the tree leaves in the fall. How cool is that? I love it!

Tagliatelle with zucchini ragù.

Tagliatelle with zucchini ragù is one of those easy recipes that you can make at any time and in no time. Some time ago, I made them with asparagus. But since it isn’t the asparagus season anymore, I chose zucchini. Why I chose tagliatelle? I simply love this egg pasta. The long and flat strips go great with all kind of sauces but especially with thicker sauces. And this “zucchini

Baked pumpkin mac and cheese.

Creamy baked pumpkin mac and cheese is an all-time classic dish with a twist. I found this recipe when scrolling on Instagram and from there it brought me to John’s blog. I found the recipe simply amazing. Like always, I didn’t have or couldn’t find everything that the recipe required. Therefore, I made some little changes. The final result was full of flavour and it just made my day. How

Mediterranean gnocchi salad

Would you like to prepare an impressive dish in a matter of minutes? Then try this simple, but delicious Mediterranean gnocchi salad. Like you can see, it has an unexpected twist with the addition of gnocchi. I love salads. You can serve them as a side dish to any meat, fish or burger. However, this Mediterranean gnocchi salad is a perfect main dish.

Pasta omelette.

A pasta omelette is wonderful when you don’t have much time to invent a new dish. It’s a great idea for lunch boxes, weeknight meals and a perfect way how to use leftovers. Try this delicious, vegetarian pasta omelette, made with simple ingredients but rich in flavours.

Rice filled zucchini.

This time I made my readers choose what kind of recipe I should write next. So I posted a poll on my Facebook page and here is the result: a vegetarian dish. How much do you guys like zucchini? I love them; in a salad, sauteéd, fried or in a form of a boat. However, these rice filled zucchini are simply delicious!

Tagliatelle with asparagus.

Are you looking for a new pasta recipe? Try this tagliatelle with asparagus and a delicious green pea sauce. Tagliatelle, the long, flat, ribbon-style pasta is the queen of the pasta made with egg. This type of pasta comes originally from Bologna. However, it is a very common type of pasta in all central and north regions of Italy.

Spaghetti with Brussels sprouts and bacon.

I prepared a new pasta recipe for you. This time I made spaghetti with Brussels sprouts and bacon. Who doesn’t like spaghetti? It’s the most popular pasta on planet Earth. It’s delicious, fun to eat, budget-friendly goes perfectly with every sauce and it’s a great comfort food. What is your typical spaghetti recipe? I would say is spaghetti alla Bolognese. Am I right? Hehehe. Therefore, try this new variation of

Purple rice with coconut bok choy

Hi, lovely readers. I created this dish, purple rice with coconut bok choy, by simply combining ingredients that “go along” with each other. This recipe is perfect for all my vegan friends, but also for vegetarians and for the all-eaters as well. Rice is the base of the dish. As you could guess, I used the purple rice. Then I chose bok choy, lemongrass, lime and cilantro.

Gnocchi with fruits.

This dish will make you smile. Gnocchi with fruits is a joy for your eyes and for your taste buds as well. What do you think about this combo? I find the combination very innovative and interesting. This is a simple and quick dish, which includes only a few ingredients. I didn’t bother making my own gnocchi (which I am going to make one day, I promise). The supermarkets offer

Purple rice 1

Hi people. I found my new favourite rice recipe. Yes, rice. The beautiful thing is, that there is more than just white rice. This recipe is about the purple rice, which has basically a black colour, but it turns into deep purple when cooked. The bran doesn’t give only the purple colour but also the nutty flavour. This dish is healthy, visually amazing and vegan. The purple rice contains a

Pasta "la lingua della suocera"

A couple of weeks ago I found this amazing pasta “la lingua della suocera” Zebra and now I have to share this recipe with you. In Germany, you can buy the pasta at a shop called “TK Maxx” which usually sells lots of clothes. But they also have a small section of food. Already the name of the pasta is very special; in English, it would be called “mother in

Pumpkin risotto

October is the month of pumpkins. Have I told you how versatile pumpkins are? You can use them for anything. They are good for cooking, baking, soups, cakes, dips and even smoothies. They are also great to make a salad dressing. Anyway, in this recipe, I will show you how to make a pumpkin risotto. I still had some Hokkaido pumpkin left from the day before. With adding some rice