March 2019

Healthy salad bowl.

Spinach broccoli salad bowl is a great lunch and supper idea, or even an amazing breakfast when you want to make something quick and healthy. And since tomorrow is the “National spinach Day” (at least in the US), I thought this would be a perfect quick recipe for you.

Herb vinaigrette asparagus salad.

Today is the first day of Spring. Are you as happy about it as I am? I look forward to the sunny days, birds singing and beautiful flowers to blossom. And let’s not forget the great, fresh spring food. Therefore, I made a light, fresh and healthy dish. I made a herb vinaigrette asparagus salad.

Chocolate ganache beer cupcakes.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I have a perfect treat for you. What better day to make chocolate ganache beer cupcakes than St. Patrick’s Day?! Yes, a beer cupcake! Believe me, as much as it might sound like a party snack, it is very decadent and elegant as well.

Sweet potato bacon cakes.

Sweet potato bacon cakes are your new favourite meal. Believe me, they are so good that you are going to serve them for any occasion. He he he. In fact, they are perfect for dinner or a weekend brunch. You can serve them either as a side dish or a meal on its own. They are your new best savoury treat!

Lentil pineapple salad.

In my last recipe, tasty porridge with grilled pineapple, I used only half of the pineapple. Therefore, in this recipe, I will show you an easy way how to use the second half. Check out this healthy brown lentil pineapple salad.

Piña Colada porridge

Piña Colada porridge is a perfect idea for a healthy start of the day or for a quick supper. A warming bowl of oatmeal with sweet-grilled pineapple is everything that you need to satisfy your hunger on a winter day.

Roasted Brussels sprouts with dried cranberries.

Do you also have those moments when you don’t know what to cook and what to eat? If I’d give you Brussels sprouts, what would you do? Simply roast them. Roasted Brussels sprouts are easy and quick to make. Cooking shouldn’t be complicated, right? Also, the most simple dishes like this one can taste superb.