Crunchy chicory, creamy guacamole and salty salmon. perfect combination.

Some time ago I prepared a snack that I liked a lot. I liked the bitterness of chicory and the fact how you can combine it with different ingredients to get a tasty snack. This time I combined it with some home-made guacamole. Chicory leaves are in a shape of a boat; perfect to be filled with dips, salsas, fruits and other things. If you prefer a more fruity version,

Veggies meet strawberries

Are you thinking which fruits and which vegetables can be mixed together? There is no wrong combination. Just follow your fantasy. Your taste buds will be your guide. Combine by sweetness, crunchiness, colours. Try to mix fruits and vegetables and you will be nicely surprised. I combined different vegetables and one fruit. It turned out great, tasty and beautiful.

Bacon wrapped avocado

Here is a quick recipe for a quick snack or a small side dish. The bacon wrapped avocado will be your favourite snack from now on. Or maybe if you have a sweet tooth, you could try the dates wrapped in bacon. This is also a great snack; in fact, I love it that much, I could make it as a dessert. But why not, just make both and decide

Hokkaido pumpkin

Officially the autumn is not over yet. Pumpkin is still the right thing to use in your dishes. I have been going through some magazines and books and I came up with this pumpkin recipe. I bought a nice orange Hokkaido pumpkin. It is said to be a vitamin bomb and rich in minerals has a great aroma and healing effects. I would say it is time to try it. Ingredients for

Wraps with broccoli.

Time to make some wraps! For a different, fast and good dinner or lunch try this out. You look in the fridge and don’t know what to do? Here is a great recipe what to do with a little imagination. I used the big tortillas and what I found in the fridge and my kitchen. You can buy the tortillas or make them from scratch. Whatever is more convenient for