Golden brown baked almond crust pickles, with aioli dip on a side. Fresh cilantro and almonds in the background.

Who wants a pickle? I love pickles, pickled cucumbers, cornichons, gherkins, you name it. I am talking about the sour and salty pickles. They are just great. They have almost no calories (maybe 1 calorie per pickle), they are crunchy, of all sizes and with different aromas and herbs. And then you have crunchy coconut pickles! What?! Yes, they are THE thing!

Hard-boiled eggs cut and refilled with egg yolk mixture, styled in a form of a chick. Each chick deviled egg is standing on a small spinach tartelettes. Small deco chicks and small eggs in the background.

Easter chick deviled eggs are the cutest eggs recipe that you could make for the Easter Holidays. They are still eggs, but with a creative twist. These deviled eggs look fabulous and I guarantee you people will talk about it for a long time (just like with the carrot croissants, which I posted a couple of days ago).

Orange gold and puffy croissants in a form of carrots filled with egg salad and garnished with parsley sprigs.

Happy Easter, everyone! Again, I was searching for an idea, what to make for Easter. What to serve for Easter Holidays? And since it’s all about eggs, chickens and rabbits, I made these cute Easter carrot croissants. Aren’t they amazing? Easter is going to be so much more special with these adorable carrot croissants.

A bowl of zucchini noodles, topped with fresh herbs (like coriander, mint, basil) and sliced beef and covered with beef aromatic beef broth. Some juicy limes on a side.

Who wants a beef Pho? I bet you all have heard of Pho before. For those who haven’t, Pho is a delicious noodle soup topped with thin meat slices and a bunch of fresh herbs. On one hand, it’s simple as it can get, on the other hand, it’s surprisingly rich in flavour.

Red and yellow thin beetroot slices drizzled with mango dressing and with a creamy burrata in the middle.

Beetroot carpaccio is definitely one of the top dishes of this summer. Either as a main dish or as a starter, it will make an incredible refreshing dish. And when you add a burrata and a sweet mango dressing to it, you will dance of joy. What more could you ask for?

Dessert in a glass; panna cotta with two layers. Coffe at the bottom and coconut on top. Topped with homemade hazelnut crumble.

This is one of the easiest dessert recipes that you can find. It’s a very delicate and tasty Italian spoon dessert. Today I will show you one of its versions. I will show you how to make a coffee-coconut panna cotta. Have you ever heard of panna cotta? It’s a perfect dessert on a sunny, rainy, warm, cold or snowy day.

A lovely bowl of carrot green peas soup with chunks of orange carrots, bright green peas, fresh parsley and sausage. Add some bread and you have a winner.

Hello carrot lovers! In a couple of days is International Carrot Day. Happy carrot day (in advance)! This time and for this occasion I made a simple carrot green peas soup. It’s so delicious! It is rich in flavour and in colours as well. In other words, it is a soul-warming bowl that will make you happy.

Healthy salad bowl.

Spinach broccoli salad bowl is a great lunch and supper idea, or even an amazing breakfast when you want to make something quick and healthy. And since tomorrow is the “National spinach Day” (at least in the US), I thought this would be a perfect quick recipe for you.

Herb vinaigrette asparagus salad.

Today is the first day of Spring. Are you as happy about it as I am? I look forward to the sunny days, birds singing and beautiful flowers to blossom. And let’s not forget the great, fresh spring food. Therefore, I made a light, fresh and healthy dish. I made a herb vinaigrette asparagus salad.

Chocolate ganache beer cupcakes.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I have a perfect treat for you. What better day to make chocolate ganache beer cupcakes than St. Patrick’s Day?! Yes, a beer cupcake! Believe me, as much as it might sound like a party snack, it is very decadent and elegant as well.

Sweet potato bacon cakes.

Sweet potato bacon cakes are your new favourite meal. Believe me, they are so good that you are going to serve them for any occasion. He he he. In fact, they are perfect for dinner or a weekend brunch. You can serve them either as a side dish or a meal on its own. They are your new best savoury treat!

Lentil pineapple salad.

In my last recipe, tasty porridge with grilled pineapple, I used only half of the pineapple. Therefore, in this recipe, I will show you an easy way how to use the second half. Check out this healthy brown lentil pineapple salad.

Piña Colada porridge

Piña Colada porridge is a perfect idea for a healthy start of the day or for a quick supper. A warming bowl of oatmeal with sweet-grilled pineapple is everything that you need to satisfy your hunger on a winter day.