Passion fruit on a bed of yoghurt

This recipe is quick and super easy. It is not even a recipe, so quick it is. We all know passion flower; with blue, purple, white and green colours, right? I have read quite some articles about the passion flower while writing this post. Maybe I will get one in the future and grow some fruits. Anyway, this post is about passion fruit. What about the passion fruit? They are

Blueberry frosting birthday cake

Hi, all. Summer is here. July just started and I just wrote my first post on my first blog. Yesterday it was my birthday (not telling how many candles were on the cake) and we all know what comes with that…..the cake of course. A blueberry frosting birthday cake to be exact. My boyfriend’s mother gave us this “parrot cake” (Papageienkuchen in German) in a box. That is how I